Taurus App Download Taurus Game, Taurus Game Update Version, Taurus Cash, Taurus Apk FREE DOWNLOAD EARN REAL CASH

Admin, Monday, December 19, 2022

Taurus App Download Taurus Game, Taurus Game Update Version, Taurus Cash, Taurus Apk FREE DOWNLOAD EARN REAL CASH

Teen Patti Gold

Taurus app: Hello friends, there is a very good news that Taurus has launched its new version Taurus Cash Apk. Through this, now you can earn thousands of rupees per day. In this you have to login and then different Teenpatti Games have been given in it, its Referal Link has to be shared and money has to be earned. Taurus is such a platform where you can earn 2 lakh rupees per month sitting at home. If you also want to earn money through Affiliate Marketing then this is a golden opportunity for you. In this post, you will get all the information about Update Taurus App, so read this post completely.

What is Taurus app Cash

Taurus Online is a platform to earn money. With its help, you can earn money by promoting Real Cash Teenpatti. 4 Teen Patti Games have been given in this and in future more apps will also be added, by promoting which you can earn lakhs of rupees. Around 4 million promoters are associated with this.

Taurus App  Interface

Friends, after installing the Torus app, if you open it, you will get to see some interface like this. You will see 3 options below, first Make Money, second Task and third Me. Above in Taurus Make Money, you will get the option of How To Earn Commission from where you can get information about this app. Then 4 games have been given in the middle, whose link you can earn money by sharing and a link of a torus app has also been given, Get is written there, you will see the link. Above is the option of Withdrawal from where you can withdraw and above that there is option of Current Balance, there you will see your earned money. It has the option of Todays Commission where you can see how much money you have earned today. At the top, you will get to see the option of Customer service and Message Notification, as well as how much Withdrawal has been done by Taurus User in 24Hrs, it will be shown. Different tasks will be seen in the option of Task and in the option of Me you will get to see the option of your Profile, Division, Commission, Taurus Withdrawal History and Sattings.

How to use Taurus App

To use Taurus Game, first open the App and create your account in it. After this come to the home page and you will see games like Teen Patti Plus, Teen Patti One, TeenPatti Master, TeenPatti Gold, you will see the option Get ₹ 20 written near it, click on it. Now share the link on Social Media App like WhatsApp, Facebook, Telegram. Apart from this, you will also see the option of Copy, by clicking there, copy the link and also share it on your Youtube Channel or Website. If someone does Taurus Teen Patti Download Login from your link then you will get 20 rupees and if he adds cash then he will get 30% commission. The more you share, the more you will get a chance to earn money.
How To Download Taurus Apk
Friends, to download New Taurus Apk, click on the download button given here.

Taurus App
     Taurus Game Download Now.

How To Login Taurus App / Sing Up And Get ₹50
Friends, to sing up in the new Taurus Cash App version, install and open the Taurus App.
1. Click on Sing Up.
2. Fill Mobile Number.
3. Click on Request.
4. Now fill OTP and click on Confirm.

How To Earn Money In Taurus Cash / How to earn money from Taurus Apk?
Friends, there are 5 ways to earn money in Vungo Teenpatti Taurus, with the help of which you can earn thousands of rupees everyday.

(1) Share the refer link Login 20

Friends, to earn money on Taurus Game APK, first copy your refer link and invite your friends by sharing it. If you download that game from your link and logon, then you will get ₹ 20.

(2) Taurus Vungo Recharge

Friends, another way to earn money in Torus is that if you play games by adding your Referrals Cash, then you will get 30 percent commission of that.

(3) Friends Referrals commission

Friends, the third way is that you also teach your referrals how to promote the game on Torus. So that he can share to his friends and earn cash. Your referrals will now become your affiliates and you will also get a share of your referral’s commission.

(4) Now let your associate also make them their associate so that they get more commission due to which your commission also increases.

(5) Taurus app Vungo Chip Sell
You can buy Discounted Chips and sell referrals at Taurus Cash Vungo. For Ex. You get Rs 315 for buying a chip worth Rs 300. You can get up to 20 percent discount.

Taurus Cash Apk 5 Division
Friends, 5 divisions are seen in Taurus Game App. (1) Bronze, (2) Silver, (3) Gold, (4) Platinum and (5) Diamond.

Taurus app Division Rules
The bigger your division, the more commission you will get on recharge of referrals. Along with this, you will get more commission from the associate and you will get more discount while buying the chip.

How To Earn Commission
1. Invite friends, you will get 20 rupees for every Taurus Invitation
2. You will get up to 30 percent commission on the recharge of your referral. The bigger your division, the higher the percentage commission you will get.
3. You can also get commission from Affiliates 3, means you can earn commission from your Taurus Game Affiliates Referrals. The bigger the division you are in, the more commission you will get.
4. When you reach the Silver Division, you become eligible to buy a discount chip. You will get up to 20 percent discount.Teen Patti Meta


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